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AsteelFlash manufactures and assembles a wide range of electronic and electrical devices for industrial equipment.

AsteelFlash manufactures and fits a large selection of electronic and electrical devices for a wide range of industrial equipment, such as energy production and management, remote-controlled metering systems, etc.

Beyond the simple mass production of electronic cards, AsteelFlash offers a wide range of added value services:
    - Design of electronic, plastic and mechatronic products
    - Prototyping with appropriate tooling and small machines, or with modified mass production tools
    - Industrialization of products by adjusting automatic assembly lines
    - Production of medium-scale and large-scale series
    - Traceability of products on the assembly line
    - Assembly of electronic, plastic and mechanical components
    - Environmental testing (exposure to extremes and thermal shock)
    - Upstream logistics management with synchronized supply chain
    - Obsolescence management
    - Handling of transport and customs clearance
    - Warranties, repairs and after-sales services

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