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Historique de site d'Alençon ASTEELFLASH technologie appartenant maintenant au groupe ASTEELFLASH,leaders mondial parmi le tiers-II des entreprises manufacturières en électronique.

1937Achille FACON founded the company « Fabrication Automatique de CONdensateurs » in Tourcoing (North of France).

1939 -1945Headquarters moved to Paris.

70'sProduction oriented towards the manufacture of capacitors and electrical filters for automobiles.

1975Facon became a public limited company (société anonyme).
Began manufacturing overmolded capacitors for specific cars. 

1984Purchase of the company "MB", a Parisian manufacturer of car antennas.

1985Facon moved from Paris to Alencon to a former Thomson CSF plant, and resumed its business of manufacturing power semiconductors.

1986Gilles BENHAMOU became CEO of FACON and founded the "Group CARTIER INDUSTRIES" (GCI) specialized in the manufacture of automotive mechatronic subsets.

1994Acquisition and transfer to Alençon (Orne) of the company MIMP, a manufacturer of overmolded connectors and brush holders for automotive alternators.

1996FACON Alençon focussed on the production of subassembled mechatronics by cutting, moulding, potting, and fitting electronic components.

1998Pressac Group bought out GCI Group.

1999Gilles Benhamou bought back the FACON company from the Pressac Group and founded ASTEEL Group, assuring its role as a key player in the mechatronics market.

2000Production site launched in Tunisia, enabling cost reductions at ASTEEL’s 10 French production sites, whose turnover reached 250 million euros.

2003Asteel built and moved to a new industrial site of 5000 m² in Valframbert near Alençon, and became « ASTEEL Technologie Alençon ».

2008Purchase of the company "Flash Electronics" (implanted in USA and China).
Purchase of the electronics company MRP Bedford, England.
Founding of the International ASTEELFLASH Group with a turnover of 500 million euros.

2010ASTEELFLASH Group went international with 16 production sites, 4500 employees and a turnover exceeding 600 million euros.